>> Solar-Powered

All airships made by us are completely powered by the sun’s rays. As a result, our airships can operate much longer than any other craft.

>> Heavy-Duty Construction
All systems integrated into our airships go through rigorous testing. We use the strongest and lightest materials on our airships.

>> Extreme Mission Duration

Our airships have the ability to remain on station for days, not minutes, giving you unmatched flexibility when you need it most.

>> Long-Range Capable

Our UAV models communicate via satellite so they can be operated anywhere on Earth.

Helios Airships was started with the idea of integrating several different technologies together, and producing airships with the highest value available on the market today. We are proud to offer high-quality airships that run entirely on solar power. You will never have to deal with paying fuel costs or take time to refill fuel tanks. We take pride in providing a transport option that overcomes the usual paradox of both environmental responsibility and keeping costs low, without having to choose one or the other. We work continuously to add new models to our line-up, and to provide the most requested additional features to our existing models. We are dedicated to excellence, because we genuinely love what we do.

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